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International Course Designer since 2004, FEI Level 3 since 2015International Course Designer since 2004, FEI Level 3 since 2015Courses FEI conducted by: Arno Gego, Olaf Petresen, Werner Deeg, Frederic Cottier.74 international shows, including: CSI4*, CSIO5*,  European Championships for Ponies, 150 Longines Ranking classes, CEL World Cup Final, 7 Nations Cup competitions, 5 Polish Championships, official CD (Santiago Varela) assistant at the 2019 World Cup Final.2022: CSIO5* Sopot, CSI4* Poznań, European Championships for Ponies Strzegom, CSI3* Vilamoura, CSI3*-W Poznań, CSI2*-W Ryga, CSI2*: Gorla Minore, Sopot, Olsza, Baborówko, Biskupiec, Wrocław, Polish Championships2023: CSIO5* Sopot, CSI4* Poznań, CSI3*W (CEL WC Final) Kraków, CSI3*W Warsaw, CSI2*W Ryga, CSI2*: Valencia, Sopot, Olsza, Baborówko, Biskupiec, Wroclaw, CSN Kronenberg, Polish Championships, official CD (Alan Wade) assistant CSIO5* Dublin, official CD (Gregory Bodo) assistant CSIO4* EEF Final Warsaw Thieme was complimentary about the 12-fence track set by Polish course designer Szymon Tarant.

“The time allowed made it difficult, and especially in the first half there were many time faults, and there was a very tricky big vertical after the water and many had that down. But this was very smart course designing”, he said. And team-mate Philipp Weishaupt agreed. “It was a great course, tricky but very interesting so Szymon did a very great job today. Until the end we didn’t know who would win and this is what makes the Nations Cup so great!” he pointed out. – from an FEI article about the Nations Cup in Sopot In June 2022.

Additional services:

  • Parcours service - we hire people experienced at building, so courses are changed very fast during the day.
  • Obstacle rental - we own a set of fences, which can be adjusted to display logos.


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What we do

Show jumping is our great passion. We offer comprehensive service of show jumping competitions.
Our main goal is to create spectacular events, which attract a wide audience, regardless of the rank. We have successfully organised events such as: CSI4* in Poznan, Polish Indoor Cup, Polish Equestrian League. Since the beginning, we have been a partner of Cavaliada, which is organised by MTP.


Organisation and service

While organising our competitions, we always have the fans, the media and the sponsors in mind.


Course designer

Szymon Tarant (Level 3 FEI). Over 20 years o experience, four international courses for course designers



Usually, our Polish speaker is Szymon Tarant, who does it with passion and a vast knowledge about the equestrian sport.


Public Relations

We offer contact with the media and press releases. Tarant Events owns TylkoSkoki.pl - one of the largest and most popular show jumping websites.



This June, CSI4* in Poznan will be organised for the fourth time. This time the amount of prize mone...


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